Compare our Size and cost.

You get more space for your money.

Our sizes are calculated by square metres not cubic metres.  To give you an idea of sizes, a single car garage is around 17 to 18 sq m, and  a shipping container is around 14 sq m.

We have a range of sizes, so please ring to discuss you requirements.

Prices start at $70  per month for the two square metre unit.  This is mainly used for archive type storage but some people do store bikes, boxes and personal items in there.

A 4.5 sq m unit starts at $99 per month.

The most common size is 14 sqm at $200 per month this will normally do a one bedroom house or unit.

These units are 4m to 6m in height, so if your talk in sqm, a 14sq m would be 84 cubic metres of value.  A shipping container would be 32 cubic metres.

All our prices vary depending on size and position in the complex, but rest assured, no one is ever disappointed they stayed with us.

Unit prices vary on larger units pending on position in complex and size.

We pride ourselves in keeping the complex clean and tidy, and being a new facility made from Concrete.

Our opposition come a far second, this is why:

  • We have the Cleaners at the units every day.
  • We are made from concrete panels.
  • Block-work or brickwork leak so units are consequently damp.
  • Tin Sheds and containers, are a security risk and you hear of them being constantly broken into.
  • Heat and condensation is another big factor in tin sheds or containers.
  • We are asbestos free because we are new.  Our opposition will tell you its safe, but if one trades person or customer moves or breaks a sheet the dust will fly. You just have to ask yourself, is your or your family life, worth the risk ? I wouldn’t go near it.
  • We consistently monitor the alarms and cameras, and see who going in and out. Others wouldn’t have a clue from one week to the next.
  • Pest control measures, are checked every day, with bait and surface spray always kept up to date.  Others just don’t worry about it.
  • We have the easiest sign up policy, if you have a credit card we can sign you up within minutes.
  • We take Credit and Debit cards.
  • Our Customer service is second to none, with two phone numbers on call at all times to help if there’s a problem.


Ballarat Space Station
132 Learmonth St


Enquiries to:

Bill 0417 581 603

Bartrop Real Estate 03 5331 1011

Tim 0407 421 567