What can I store ????

  • Those precious cars & bikes
  • Caravan or Winnebago
  • That valuable boat
  • Building materials like tiles, timber etc
  • Archives – all those records and receipts that must be kept
  • Furniture – if you’re thinking of down sizing don’t sell  your valuable items, store them
  • Excess but important items cluttering up your home
  • Hobby and cherished possessions
  • Anything that’s not toxic, dangerous, explosive, flammable or illegal !!

What is the Security?

  • 120/180/180 Fire rated walls
  • Alarmed doors monitored by Insight Security Solutions
  • 24 hr monitored recorded surveillance
  • Heavy duty roller door
  • Screwed roofing and wire
  • Coded  gate entry
  • 24 hr Video surveillance
  • Security lighting to driveways
  • DW Security guard patrol

Do I have 24 hr access?

You can access your unit at any time

What is the term of Storage Agreement?

Minimum rent is for one month period for all units.  Rent rates can alter depending on how long you need the unit.

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